Telma Mariza Julio de Barros

Translated from Portuguese


What is your name? My name is Telma Mariza Julio de Barros. Where are you from? Nampula, Nampula, Nampula I live in Nampula. What is the name of the song? Eu Promadua (translation uncertain). What kind of song is it? Is it a national song? It’s International. And what language is the song? Portuguese. Why are you singing a song in Portuguese? (She had told us she wanted to sing a song in her local language, Macua) Why not in Macua? Oh no. I like songs in Macua. Maybe another day I will sing in Macua. Ok, ok, it’s good, it’s good. Why this song? Because I think it is very beautiful. What is the message? I never thought about it. You just like it then? Yes, yes. How old are you? 22. Thank you. No problem. 


Ilha de Mozambique, Moazambique