Nito Antonio Chi Vajane


My name is called Nito Antonio Chi Vajane. I am from Mozambique, Xia Xia, eh ah, Gaza province. The song is called Tsanga Nhanga. And what does that mean? it’s like my friend take out the horns because some people, take the horns, like when for example when your father or your mother have a lot of possibility and reach so like (Unknown word in Portuguese) and this. Some people put down another people, suffer and didn’t help, you know? And sometimes smile. You know? And what you doing? This is not nice.  I take this message to people to know the situation and to say don’t do this and do this, this are good and this are bad. And this song remember me when I start to play guitar so many years ago. This song is very… is something give me power to continue.  


Vilankulo, Mozambique