Sanga Pcolo

Translated from Xhosa


What is your name? Sanga. What is the family name? Pcolo, Sanga Pcolo. Where are you from? This Village. And what’s the name? Nqileni. How old are you? Is that okay to ask? Yes, it’s fine. 45. What song are you going to sing, the name of the song? Ichawae, we call it Ichawae. And what does that mean? In English? This is the song that people sing when they in, like when they drinking beer. It’s a song they sing in the Shabine (village ‘bar’) What does that mean to her, why that song? It means that they are happy, with her friends. Is there and reason why she likes that song? She says she can only sing when she is enjoying the, when she is happy so the song shows that she is happy when she sings the song, that song. 

Nqileni  Village,  South Africa