LuLu Henriques Francisco


Our friend Zack aided us in this discussion, he is LuLu’s good friend. You will see his comments in this colour. This conversation goes back and forth between English and Portuguese, so we have attempted to indicate where it is being translated. 


My name is Lulu Henriques Francisco. I’m from Zambezi,  Quelimane, and I was born in 1979. The song is Afro Music and the song is about the life of our community and the people living there.  It’s the story, like the last, the present and the future. The life, the last days in the community. First I read the story about some kids and after I made the song. You made this song, this is your own song that you wrote? Yes, yes I have the book when I wrote this song. You were reading a book about the history of Mozambique?  Yes, yes and in the place where I get the story I get a pen and I write, what’s happening, and to include my life there. He’s trying to tell the story of what life is like in Quelimane (translating) Its not political, or anything like that but it is trying to get at the heart of what the daily life is. It’s like the good and the bad of the community the really happy moments, the struggles that they face, but what is important to him is to tell the story of what is going on. Do people here like to hear songs like that? Too much, Too much, Too much. (translating) So they can identify with it and they can relate to it so it makes it more powerful to them. I hear you are a very popular musician here in Lamego Yeah, yeah Lamego, Beira, Nametanda, all. The name of his group is Afro Adero. Yes Afro Adero. (translating) They are all Africans but they are following in the paths of people who have sang or played music before, its kind of the meaning of the bands name.        

When you write songs, like most of your songs, are they about something that means a lot to you? Something you feel or see? Sometimes I see, Sometimes I feel, because, I set it in, in my province I don’t know what’s happen there because I be here in Beira in 1983 from now. You came here during the war, yeah? I missed too much, the things there. You moved when you were very young yeah? One day I will be there to see how is it, my province. Do you go back? Sometimes you go back? No, no, no just I will try to go,  He’s only been back once since 1982 and that was last year, no? Last year, with Gregory. I couldn’t stay in my place so we stayed in the city place.  But in heart I think to go to visiting them and the cattle. So he visited the city Quelimane but didn’t visit where his family is actually from so he’d like to get back some day, to go back some day to where his family is originally from. To participate some of the traditional things there, the life. Does your family live there? Yeah, they… He has his grandparents and some uncles and things like that.


Lamego, Mozambique