Zamenka Nonkenyana 


I am 21. I’m going to sing I’m Happy Today. It’s Xhosa and English also. Why do you want to sing that song? It’s because I’m happy when the guests they visit my family, because and it’s good. Because Bulungula Lodge, the guests they change us and Bulungula. And the more the guests doing village tours the more I’m perfect in English. Because the first time  I was, I was, I was... I don’t understand English but now I understand because of guests. When I’m, oh, oh my god, okay when I’m, when I’m talk the wrong words the local people they laughing, so that’s why I’m scared to speak English for when the local people they listen to me but when I’m work with the guests if I talking the wrong words the guests they give me the correct words. But now that is why I’m happy, and now I am perfect in English. Because the guests they give me the correct words, they help me. And the first time I was very shy because I’m not perfect in English, but now I’m better, I’m not shy now.  Where are you from? Where were you born? I was born here, the name is Nqileni Village. How old is your baby? Three months.

Nqileni  Village,  South Africa