Ottilia Judith Gumende


I come from Zimbabwe, Mutare. The name of the song, the title is Tozesa Baba, it was sung by Oliver Mtutzudzi. It depicts about domestic violence, and it’s a son who’s talking to his dad about what he does when he drinks when he is drunk. He’s asking the father not to beat the mother in front of them because it affects them. Usually in Africa people suffer from domestic violence, so it touches me as a lady, to promote, not to promote domestic violence because it affects the family, and it’s a cause of divorce and it also causes, after divorce, some kids run away from home and it creates street kids, and usually if there is divorce then most of these things must happen to the family. So I like this song because it teaches people not to have domestic violence, how to deal with situations within the house. And it teaches fathers within the house not to be… when they’re drunk they want to solve situations in the house and it ends up creating domestic violence. It’s a well known song in Zimbabwe and also in Africa because it was the best African song because there was this program, stop domestic violence, so that song was used  in the advertisement of domestic violence. 


Im 28, I came to Mozambique in 2011, that’s when I came to Mozambique. We came here because of my husband, my husband is a teacher so he found work here in Mozambique as a teacher, I’ve got one son who is six years old. And what’s his name? Tanaka, yeah. And what’s your husband’s name? Silus, yeah.  How does Tanaka like Mozambique? Tanaka likes Mozambique because he grew up here; we came with him when he was four so he grew up here. So he now knows everything better then us. Language, because he goes to school here.  So its better for him in Mozambique because even here he can speak English of which is different from Zim. We speak Shona at home and English sometimes at school, so here he is forced to speak English because of the school.  At home he speaks Shona, but a little bit. With friends he speaks Portuguese. So now he knows how to speak four languages. Does he remember… Yes, he remembers Zim because we go to Zim each and every holiday, when they close the school we go to Zim. My father passed away when I was twelve years, but my mom is there, my husbands parents are all alive. One day I would like to go back to Zimbabwe.


Tofo, Mozambique