Zbusiso ‘China’ DeKhosa


I’m from Durban, in Kitameno. What are you going to sing? You, you, you! Ummm… oh there you go with the names! Its Ellice Goldman, ummm. Yes, Im gonna sing Ellice Goulding, what’s her name? Yes its Ellie Goulding, Your Song, it’s a love song.  It just touches my heart, I like the way she expresses herself. She’s in love, its obvious she’s in love, and it just touches my heart. I love her voice, I love her lyrics. I somehow wish someone would have that passion to me. You know that same passion that is why I love her song. 


Im 31. Im a freelance in music, I play percussion I play indigenous instruments. Im an actor I’m signed in with an agency. Focused casting agency. Im actually going to be, Im working on running my own business, just to make cash. Otherwise… yeah I don’t make money out of music. Okay music does pay me once and a while when I get gigs, like I have a gig tomorrow.  I don’t know how much its paying, I don’t know when its paying, I haven’t seen the contract. I was involved with the World Cup, the FIFA world cup during 2010. Just playing the whole month, and they played me well and that was my first time seeing those huge numbers in my account.  Yeah but music pays, its just not a constant thing. Sometimes it get quiet for more the 6 months, it’s not something to hold on to its just something you do with passion that you like. 

Durban, South Africa