Mateus Lelo Antonio


I am from Maputo, Mozambique. The name of the song is Chuva De Alegria it means the Rain of Happiness. In this song I sing about our culture, our drum we call it Batuki, that when it goes to America, Brazil many countries, it gives us a nostalgia, like a missing, no? We miss our drum, our culture, when it goes outside Mozambique. When it’s here it’s good, and the reason that I wrote this song Chuva De Alegria. Like it’s a party, ‘Alegria’, inside this party we have drums, people dancing and it’s the reason why in this song I promote our culture. And because I sing in Portuguese this song, I’m telling that like drum is of our tradition, our nation, like this. So many musicians, many artist friends of mine go to other countries and make success with this, our culture and I decided to write this song. Really, so… it’s a celebration, talk about our culture. Defending it.    


I wrote this song in a day of rain, I was at my place without nothing to do and it was raining a lot and I pick up a paper and a pen and I decided to write. And I make a part, a beat, and join.


Vilankulo, Mozambique